Labuan Marine Museum - Be awed by the Labuan Marine Museum

Located at the city center, you will be able to find the Labuan Marine Museum which is housed in the International Sea Sports Complex. The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts from shipwrecks as well as lives and preserved marine life.

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Labuan Water Village - Enjoy the serenity of the water village

The water village of Labuan is not as large as the water village in Bandar Seri Begawan but it is just as interesting. You will be fascinated by the matrix of bridges, walkways and wooden planks which links the homes and markets. Admission to the water village is free and is only several minutes away from the city center.

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Labuan Bird Park - Do you like feathers?

The Labuan Bird Park is a small and humble park for birds. Though not as well-established as the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, it is still worth a visit. This park also houses some large ostriches, eagles and hornbills.

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