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Labuan Botanical Garden

Location: Labuan

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Address: Labuan, Malaysia
Office Number: +608 7423 445 / +608 7423 446

District » Labuan


Labuan Botanical Garden is one of many famous attractions in Labuan Island. It is located near to the town (around 2km east) of Labuan and a 5 minutes drive is enough to reach this recreational park. It is situated right behind the old airport, along Jalan OKK Abdullah.


This famous Botanical Gardens was previously the grounds of the Government House that is locally known as the 'Bumbung 12'. The park possesses amazing landscape and beautiful old trees. The Government House has a low and long structure. Its architecture has its own unique design too, especially its very own roof. Unfortunately, the house was completely destroyed during the era of World War II and what left over is nothing but a water storage tank. It is said that most of the old trees are planted by the Colonial Secretary, Hugh Low. Apart from the scenic background, there are some historical means featured in the park itself. On the ground of the park has two graveyards. These graveyards are believed to be the oldest ever in Labuan Island. One of the graves is planted down at the year of 1847. These two graves are memorable and has distinct historical story behind. Today, you can only see the left over water storage tank and a small grave of a foxhound with the name of 'Jim'. Besides these interesting features, the park owns a hibiscus garden with various kinds and species within, a herbal garden featuring all kinds of herbs and spices, a manmade lake and arched bridge above, a reflexology pathway and a lot more for visitors and locals to enjoy.

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You can either hail a taxi or take mini bus services to the Labuan Botanical Garden as it can be reach in 5 minutes time from town. You can also rent a car or a motorbike to reach the destination.