Labuan International Sea Sport Complex

Location: Labuan

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Address: Jalan Tanjung Purun, Labuan, Malaysia
Office Number: +608 7423 445 / +608 7423 446

District » Labuan


Labuan International Sea Sport Complex is one of the interesting places to go in Labuan, Malaysia. It is located along the beach at the Tanjung Purun Road. It is situated not far away from the city centre of Labuan. One of the well known landmarks in located near to the complex which is the Labuan Tourism Action Council.


The Labuan International Sea Sport Complex is 5.91 acres big and acts as a part of the beautification project of Labuan's Waterfront. It is a world class water sports centre. It is officially opened in the year of 2001. The sea sport complex hosts the inaugural Labuan International Sea Challenge annually. There are more activities including championship and other events hosted in this venue apart from the sea challenge. Activities and events held in the complex are the Rolex IGFA International Game Fishing Tournament and Round Island Kayak Challenge. The complex has very distinctive architectural design. This complex can be divided into a few sections. They are the block of administrative, a marine biology museum, eateries and some souvenir shops. The museum is sited next to the administrative block in a different building. Apart from the world class architecture complex, visitors often visit this very place as there are souvenir shops and amazing eateries. There are famous local food and handicrafts items selling in the complex.

After a long vacation in Labuan, it is definitely a must to go shop for souvenirs for your friends and families who are waiting for you back home. It is a true fact that Labuan offers a lot of duty free items and so purchasing a few of them back worth every penny. Duty free goods selling in the island includes perfumes, alcohol, chocolate and watches, just to name a few. All prices are discounted with affordable and reasonable prices. Accommodation in Labuan is satisfying with a wide range of options offered. One of the many popular hotels located in Labuan is the Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel. It is located near to Labuan town and so, this act as the attraction to attract tourists and guests from all around the world. The other attraction of this hotel is that it is the only 5 stars hotel in Labuan. The rooms in the hotel are spacious and comfy with very nice view. Furthermore, various facilities are provided to hotel guests such as swimming pool and gym.


As the location of the Sea Sport Complex is near to the city centre of Labuan, you can either hail a taxi or take mini bus services in no time. You can also rent a car or a motorbike to reach the destination as it is a convenient tool to bring you to other places after your visit to the complex.