Pohon Batu Beach

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Address: Labuan, Malaysia
Office Number: +608 742 3445 /+608 742 3446

District » Labuan


The address for Pohon Batu Beach is Pohon Batu Smpang 26 (Pohon Batu), Labuan, Malaysia. The Pohon Batu Beach is located near to the Batu Manikar Beach. Further along the beach, there is another beach that has the name of Pancur Hitam Beach.


One thing that everyone will notice in Labuan is its beautiful scenic background. Thus, it is definitely a must for tourists to spend some moment of their tour to enjoy the glorious sunset ever in Labuan Island. There are many beaches where you can go to sit back and enjoy the view of the sun set. One of them is the Pohon Batu Beach. On the beach, there are a couple of wooden stalls for them local fishermen. This is so that they can sell their fresh from the sea seafood once they landed on the beach from the catch of the day. If it is your last day of vacation while visiting, you can purchase some seafood there as their freshness is guaranteed. There is a sandy park laden situated near to the beach. There is quite a number of men - made obstacles and a Challenge Corner, or better known as the Sudut Cabaran by the locals. These facilities are indeed come in handy when you have any organized team building activities for your families or companies. Beach in Labuan is the best place to relax and get away from the hectic life in the city.

After an exciting vacation in Labuan, it is certainly a must to go shop for souvenirs for your friends and families who are waiting for you back in your hometown. It is a true fact that Labuan offers a lot of duty free items. Duty free goods selling in the island includes perfumes, alcohol, chocolate and watches, just to name a few. All prices are discounted and are very affordable and reasonable. Accommodation in Labuan is top notch with a wide range of options offered. One of the many popular hotels located in Labuan is the Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel. It is located near to Labuan town and thus, this attracts tourists and guests from all around the world. Of course, there are more hotels and inns available all depending on your budget and preferences.


The best way to get to Pohon Batu Beach is by taxi. The fares for a taxi ride in Labuan are reasonable. You can also rent a car or a motorbike so that you can travel around Labuan Island with ease.