Tanjung Kubong Tunnel

Location: Labuan

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Address: Labuan, Malaysia

District » Labuan


Tanjung Kubong Tunnel is considered as one historical site that is to be found in Labuan, Malaysia. It is located at the northern tip of Labuan Island in an area with the name of Tanjung Kubong. Tanjung Kubong is also the place where the famous and mysterious chimney standing high.


The Tanjung Kubong Tunnel is originally a busy site that is filled with nothing but only coal mining activities. Its large extensive tunnel networks are definitely one of the many important landmarks in Labuan Island. The coal mining activities started in the year of 1849 and it ended unfortunately in the year of 1911. It was ended in that year as there are a string of mining accidents happened. Along those years, British company is the one who operated the coal mining activities. What you can observe today is only the old bricks with pieces of rail tracks and rusted cables strewn to the ground. The rail track is originally as long as 8 mile. It was built dating back those years to facilitate the export of coal to Victoria Port. One of the interesting activities you can do there besides sightseeing and taking awesome pictures is to enter a low tunnel using a short rope and emerge from the top. However, do note that it is a dangerous act and extra attentions as well as caution have to be taken while doing it. Next to the mysterious Chimney, you can see a 10 feet wide vertical wall that is 100 feet deep. At the bottom of this well, there are more undiscovered tunnels.

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It is easy to get around in Labuan Island. You can hail a taxi to reach the Tanjung Kubong Tunnel. You can also take the public bus services which offer affordable fares. There is another option that is to rent either a car or a scooter as it is only around MYR 40 for the whole 24hours.