Labuan Square (Dataran Labuan)

Location: Labuan

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Address: Jalan Merdeka, Labuan, Malaysia.
Office Number: +608 742 3445 /+608 742 3446

District » Labuan


Labuan Square is one of the many famous landmarks in Labuan, Malaysia. Labuan Square is too, known as Dataran Labuan by the locals in Malay Language. It is situated in the city centre of Labuan Island. It is located at Merdeka Street (Jalan Merdeka).


The main attraction of the Labuan Square is that it is the main venue for most of the huge events. Many events are held in this place such as the celebrations of Malaysia Day and the Independence Day of Labuan. The place is has gorgeous landscape with beautiful lawn, flowers and even water fountains. Many visitors are to be seen strolling around the park and taking snapshots of each other with the amazing park as the background. The central focuses a raised opened stage with flags of Malaysia flying on tall poles. There is the Labuan's field on the other side of the park. Next to the park, there is a replica of the mysterious chimney. The genuine chimney is located in Tanjung Kubong. You can see there are a few houses with colonial design at the front of the town's field. Furthermore, the park marks the coronation of the Queen Elizabeth 11 by planting four old Flame and Forest trees that can see standing tall in the square area. These trees are planted by the main communities including Chinese, Malay, Indian and also the European. There is also a granite slab around which has interesting history behind. It was supposed to used in the handover ceremony of Labuan by the Brunei's

Accommodation in Labuan will not be an issue as it offers many options. The nearest hotel to the Labuan Square is the Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel. It is the only 5 stars hotel in Labuan Island. There are more hotels available including the Manikar Beach Resort and Spa, Victoria Hotel and Tiara Labuan Hotel, just to name a few. You can also go for a home stay in the famous water village in Labuan to have a different memorable experience. Shopping in Labuan is a must as you are on the duty free island. Some of the items that offer cheaper prices are pearl, crystals, cigarette, chocolate, alcohol and seafood. Do note that some goods are in high prices such as computer stuff and electronics. The prices can be almost the double of then in the Peninsular Malaysia's.


You can get to the Labuan Square by hailing a taxi once you reached Labuan Airport. You can also get around Labuan with buses or by renting a car or scooters. Public buses fare is in a range of MYR 1.00 to MYR 3.00 while the fare of renting a scooter for 24 hours will be around MYR40.00.